Season of Change Has Come...Time to Renew My Heart

Have you ever "Crossed your Heart" or made a promise to God?...Then some how you changed and want to go back to when you first met Jesus?  This song deals with us wanting to change because we know we are not doing what Jesus wants us to do and we want to do the right thing because of how wonderful Jesus is to us:

I cross my heart and run to you, and pick up my cross for you 

I cross my heart to change old to new, stand up and follow you 

You are worthy, oh I love you, how need you Jesus 

You are worthy, and love you, how I worship you my king  

Stay Safe and Be Blessed!

 ~ One Breath ~

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  • monika
    monika Sweden
    wow!!!!! what a lovely post!!!

    wow!!!!! what a lovely post!!!

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